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DOCUMENTARY | 37 min | 2016


In the summer of 2015, the chamber choir molto cantabile went on a concert tour through central Europe. The film maker and motion designer Christian Felber from Lucerne accompanied the choir’s journey with his camera. Out of the recordings of rehearsals, concerts, and interviews, he made a documentary on the world of choral singing. Using molto cantabile as an example, the movie addresses choral singing, which combines the need for musical challenge with the need for sociability, which lets ambition for quality meet vigour and fun. The choir singers’ portraits show different roads to singing, explain the role of the active collaboration in the choir with all its implications for the lives of the singers, and illustrate the significance singing in a society has always had and still has today.




The Lucerne choir molto cantabile was founded in 2003, and is under the dedicated leadership of the young conductor Andreas Felber. From an early stage, this young ensemble was able to celebrate numerous competition successes, for example, at the European Music Festival in Neerpelt (Belgium) in 2004, at the

Swiss Choir Competition and at the Choir Festival of Tolosa (Spain) in 2005, at the International Choir Competition in Spittal an der Drau (Austria) in 2011, and most recently, at the International Chamber Choir Competition in Marktoberdorf in 2011.



Christian Felber was born in Lucerne (CH) in 1987. He is the founder and owner of MIGN, a video and postproduction company based in the Lucerne Neubad. Before his step into self-employment, Felber worked in television for a couple of years, as editor, motion designer and cameraman. He works with various agencies and film makers all over Switzerland and is further active as a documentary filmmaker.


In 2011, Felber, together with Michael Fuchs, received an award for their short film SWOOSH! at the One Minute Film Festival in Aarau.


In 2015, he filmed the documentary NAMASTE NEPAL (2015) on the water projects of Viva con Agua in Nepal. The movie was screened at the Eco-Festival in Basel and at the film festival Movies that Matter in Zurich.


Felber further created the visual effects and the motion design for the short film LA FEMME ET LE TGV (2016) of Swiss director Timo von Gunten. The movie has been nominated for an OSCAR for best short movie 2017.


Filmography (selection)

2016 KLANGBILD | Director, Camera, Editing | Documentary

2016 LE VOYAGEUR | Visual Effects VFX | Motion pictures

2016 LA FEMME ET LE TGV | Visual Effects VFX | Short film

2016 CURAPROX | Editing, Motion Design | Advertising

2016 HICOF ALPHA | Motion Design | Advertising

2015 NAMASTE NEPAL | Director, Camera, Editing | Documentary

2015 MAURO PETER TENOR | Director, Camera, Editing | Portrait

2015 U-BLOX | Motion Design | Advertising

2015 PUTZTÜÜFELI | Camera, Editing, Motion Design | Campaign

2014 MOSQUITO | Visual Effects VFX, Motion Design | Short film

2011 SWOOSH! | Editing, Visual Effects VFX, Motion Design | Short film